Kumi Odori-English


The Ryukyu Kingdom Era


上左:黄色地鳳凰蝙蝠宝尽青海立波文様紅型綾袷衣裳 ,上中:色絵紅葉文風炉,上右:黒漆雲龍螺鈿東道盆,
下左:金杯,下中:朱漆巴紋牡丹沈金馬上盃,下右:白地霞枝垂桜燕文様紅型苧麻衣裳 いずれも那覇市歴史博物館

About 570 years ago, Okinawa was a land called the Ryukyu Kingdom. Ryukyu prospered through trade with Southeast Asian such as Vietnam and Thailand, as well as nearby China and Korea. As the country grew in wealth a culture unique to Ryukyu also grew, and some aspects of this culture have been passed down to the present day. There are unique performing arts of the Kumi Odori and Ryukyu Buyo in both of which performers dress in bingata-dyed costumes and traditional music with a distinct scale is played. Karate is a famous martial art that originated in the Ryukyu Kingdom. At Shuri Castle in the Ryukyu Kingdom, the nobility moved about in ryusou attire, and the king would feast on Ryukyuan cuisine, which now can be eaten by anyone at restaurants.

Kumi Odori


左:大美御殿の宴会 ,右:芸能/組踊 「二童敵討」 いずれも那覇市歴史博物館

When friends and acquaintances are invited to homes, they are served tea and sweets. In the same way, when foreign visitors arrived in Ryukyu, the kingdom would provide hospitality and entertainment. One of the performances involved in this was called the Kumi Odori, which was first performed in 1719. When the Ryukyu Kingdom became Okinawa, the Kumi Odori continued to be passed down through generations, and the tradition even persevered through World War II, when costumes and props were destroyed and performers died. It continues today, and in 2010, it was recognized as Intangible Culture Heritage by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and is highly regarded around the world.

The Kumi Odori Appreciation Program “Cinderella”

The Kumi Odori was created as a way to entertain important guests from overseas. When seeing the performance for the first time or just hearing its name, many people get the sense that it’s too difficult. That’s why we have created a Kumi Odori appreciation program that explains how to appreciate it to those who are viewing it for the first time. Through an adaptation of the well-known story of “Cinderella”, we are making it easier for people of all ages as well as visitors from overseas to learn how to enjoy Kumi Odori to the fullest.
This performance was created in 2014 Michihiko Kakazu, who was working in the National Theatre Okinawa at the time. A major feature of this work is that the audience not only watches, but the story is completed by them actually appearing on stage. In other words, the style of the performance will change drastically depending on the people in the audience. If there are children, it will be cute. If there are young people, vitality and innocence can be felt, and if there are people from other countries…who knows? For each performance, we will patiently show how to appreciate Kumi Odori using special works that are aimed at the audience’s enjoyment.

Kumi Odori “Shushin Kaneiri”

Once you know how to appreciate Kumi Odori from the Kumi Odori appreciation program “Cinderella”, you’ll be ready to see a real Kumi Odori. Performed in 1719 during the Ryukyu Kingdom Era and designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2010, “Shushin Kaneiri” will be presented. It’s performed in the Okinawan language and English speaking audience members can access an audio guide with a smartphone app, allowing them to fully enjoy humanity’s intangible cultural heritage of the Kumi Odori in English.
In its day, the Kumi Odori “Shushin Kaneiri” was only seen by the people of Ryukyu and visitors from China. About 300 years later, we can travel back to that time and have the same experience as those Chinese envoys and the people of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

SynopsisA handsome young boy was heading to Shuri for work. On his way there the sun had set, so he asked to stay in a house in which a young woman was staying by herself. At first the woman refuses, because her parents weren’t there, but after learning that he’s the famously handsome boy whom she has a crush on, she finally decides to let him stay. But, where will her love for him lead…?

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Today’s contents

1. The Kumi Odori Appreciation Program “Cinderella”
2. Kumi Odori “Shushin Kaneiri”

Performance schedule

December 28, 2022

Wednesday, December 28, 2022   15:00-17:00



Wizard:Takumi Tamaki
Cinderella:Kasumi Miyazaki
Stepmother:Sayuri Chibana
Prince:Kentaro Takai
Daughters:Takeshi Igei, Taishi Higa

“Shushin Kaneiri”

Nakagushiku Wakamachi:Shunsuke Kawamitsu
Woman:Shinichiro Shimoji
Head Priest:Takahiro Uehara
Apprentices:Taishi Higa, Takeshi Igei, Kentaro Takai


Singing and Sanshin:Hideki Hanashiro,Taisuke Yonaguni, Yoshimori Nakamine
Koto (13-stringed Japanese zither):Norito Machida
Japanese flute:Kentaro Oshiro
Kokyu (3 or 4-stringed Japanese violin):Sanehito Takamiyagi
Drum:Daiki Kushi


Okinawa Prefectural Museum and Art Museum, Auditorium on the third floor

3-1-1 Omoromachi, Naha-shi, Okinawa


(+81) 98-941-8200

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